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    Kaspra Traditional

    In Great Haywood Marina
    4 Berths
    Kaspra 10
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    Kaspra 53


    Welcome to Kaspra, a charming and meticulously maintained 57ft traditional narrowboat, crafted in 2005. This elegant vessel offers a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for both families and couples seeking a serene escape on the waterways. With its classic design and thoughtful layout, Kaspra ensures a delightful and comfortable journey.

    The heart of Kaspra is its galley, a perfect blend of functionality and traditional charm. Equipped with a reliable gas cooker, a gleaming stainless steel sink, and a trusty Electrolux fridge, this kitchen is ready for all your culinary adventures. The oak cupboards provide ample storage and add a touch of rustic elegance, making the galley both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

    Step into the lounge, where the ambiance is warm and inviting. The walls are adorned with American light ash boarding, beautifully complemented by oak trim above the gunwales. The oak-panelled saloon doors add a touch of classic charm, while the painted surfaces below the gunwales provide a harmonious contrast. Traditional roses and castles line the side doors, adding a dash of narrowboat artistry and heritage.

    The dinette is a cosy and versatile space, perfect for meals or as an additional seating area. The traditional design and comfortable seating make it an ideal spot for enjoying a cup of tea or sharing stories with fellow travellers.

    The boatman's cabin, steeped in tradition, offers a quaint and functional space. With ample storage and a classic design, this cabin provides a cosy retreat, reminiscent of the narrowboats of yesteryears.

    The master bedroom features a spacious 5'0" wide cross bed, providing a comfortable and restful night's sleep. This versatile space can also be converted into a lounge area, perfect for relaxing during the day. The traditional design and thoughtful layout ensure a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

    Kaspra's bathroom is a haven of comfort and convenience. Featuring a Thetford toilet with three cassettes, this space is designed for extended stays. The vanity unit and large mirror add a touch of elegance, while the 4'0" bath with shower offers a luxurious bathing experience. The tiled and painted surfaces, finished with an oak trim, create a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

    Kaspra is equipped with a durable stainless steel water tank, ensuring a reliable water supply throughout your journey. While the exact capacity is currently unspecified, rest assured it is ample for extended adventures.

    Embark on a memorable journey aboard Kaspra, where traditional charm meets modern comfort. Whether you're seeking a family adventure or a romantic getaway, this exquisite narrowboat offers the perfect sanctuary on the waterways. Explore the serene beauty of the canals and create lasting memories aboard Kaspra.

    Key features

    • Hull By/ Fit out by:   Jonathan Wilson
    • Layout stern to bow:   Engine room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Saloon.
    • Engine and gearbox:  Beta 43 Engine, PRM 150 Gearbox.
    • Engine hours/Last service:  5070 hours, serviced last in October 2023.
    • Boat Safety Certificate:   Yes
    • Last Blacking & type:   October 2021 with Bitumen
    • Hull thickness:  10/6/5/4
    • Inspection hatch and location:  Bedroom cupboard
    • P/out or Cassette:   Cassette
    • Internal cabin height:  6’7”
    • Insulation: Spray foam
    • External Covers: no
    • Bowthruster: no
    • Side Hatches and location: Kitchen and Dining area.
    • Batteries:  3 x EXV220 Enduraline Heavy duty leisure batteries 180’s
    • Electric Supply: Shoreline through Master Volt combi 12v / 240v Loomtech wiring system. / Engine
    • Galvanic Isolator: Isolation Transformer
    • Hot Water Supply: Insulated calorifier with engine and boiler feeds, Immersion heater.
    • Cabin Heating: Radiators
    • Central heating type: Alde 3000Boiler
    • Gas Cylinders No+ type: 2 x 13kg Propane cylinders. Bubble tester.


    Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these specifications, no guarantee is given or implied as to their accuracy. These particulars are intended only as a guide and they do not constitute a term of any contract. Lakeland Leisure Estates Ltd advises prospective purchasers to obtain an independent survey from a qualified Marine Surveyor to satisfy themselves as to the condition of the craft.

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