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    Jetty renovations make mooring safer than ever at Great Haywood Marina

    Earlier this year our brand new GRP Mini Mesh grating was installed at Great Haywood Marina, making our jetties safer with an impressive anti-slip surface. This means you've got the benefit of feeling safe and confident on our jetties when you moor at Great Haywood Marina, especially as the cold and wet months draw in.

    But what is GRP grating, and what other benefits does it have to our moorers?

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    What is GRP grating?

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    GRP grating is a structural fibreglass grating product. It is a versatile, reliable and high-performance floor covering, and with great anti-slip properties it makes an ideal covering for jetties.

    It also has an even higher resistance to corrosion than steel. When steel grating comes into contact with lots of moisture it can rust and corrode quickly which compromises structural integrity and can pose a serious fall hazard. GRP grating offers corrosion resistance over a wide range of pH levels.

    Benefits of GRP grating on our jetties

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    Jetties need renovating when they become too weathered or aged. Their wood starts to rot, or if they have steel grating this can become rusted and corroded, which not only looks unattractive but also poses an increased risk of accident. Where corrosives may destroy metal or wood, GRP offers corrosion resistance over a wide range of pH levels. Improving our jetties with brand new GRP grating has made them safer and more durable, and keeps them looking great.

    GRP grating is also waterproof and boasts great slip resistance, meaning our moorers and visitors can feel safe and confident walking along the jetties even now as the cold and wet weather begins to roll in.

    Our new grating is non-conductive, meaning it prohibits the flow of electricity and prevents deadly shocks. Each of our moorings include 16-amp electricity supply, so our moorers can feel even safer knowing their jetty covering can not pass electricity through it.

    What's more, GRP is fire resistant (Class B fire rating) In the event of a fire, GRP grating burns slower which helps to prevent the spread of fire and to keep our marina safe.

    With its high corrosion resistance GRP grating has a long lifespan, proving to be a brilliant alternative to conventional materials to protect our jetties long-term.

    Installing our new GRP grating

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    Our brand new GRP Mini Mesh grating was installed across all of our jetties and walkways by Dura Composites earlier in 2022.

    We specifically selected Dura Composites' Mini Mesh grating, which has all the benefits of standard GRP grating but with smaller holes to prevent any small debris from falling into the water below.

    GRP grating is lightweight and easy to handle, meaning installation was faster and more cost-effective than with other materials. It also requires little to no maintenance, ensuring our jetties at Great Haywood Marina will have a non-corrosive, slip resistant surface for many years to come.

    Thinking of mooring with us? We have over 200 secure berths at Great Haywood Marina, on the Trent and Mersey in rural Staffordshire.

    Click here to find out more and fill in an enquiry form.

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